Initial evaluation

A comprehensive interview of your medical history will be obtained. This will be followed by a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation, which will assess your movement patterns, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and other specific tests depending on the area of injury. At this time a treatment plan is developed, which may include patient education, a home exercise program, manual therapy, or referral to other services.

*In the state of Louisiana, a prescription is not required if the patient has been evaluated and diagnosed by the physician within a 90 day time frame preceding the date of the initial physical therapy evaluation.

*In the state of Missouri, a physician’s prescription is required prior to the initiation of physical therapy evaluation and treatment of a new injury. However, if you have a reoccurring injury, which has been evaluated by a physician within one year, a prescription is not required. Your physician will be contacted after your evaluation regarding the nature of your condition.