Lisa Jain has treated myself, my mother, and my daughter. I am truly amazed at how effective her treatments are! My daughter is a level 10 competitive gymnast that was suffering from back pain and receiving physical therapy from a well known company in our area. After many sessions (for 6 weeks 2 hours a day 3 times a week!!) she was not feeling any better. Lisa evaluated her and realized she was being treated at the site of her pain and not the root of her pain, which was her posture. After 2-3 one on one treatments with Lisa, her pain disappeared with no return. Lisa went out of her way to come to her gym and watch exactly what she was doing that caused her pain. I would not consider going to anyone else! She truly cares about her patients, doesn’t give up, and has an outstanding bedside manner.

Alexandra RiesSt. Louis, MO

Dr. Jolly performed a thorough job site analysis, which helped us understand the risks to our employees and company. He was integral in the development our pre-employment screening tests. Andwele also provided feasible recommendations on how to make modest safety changes to our work-flow in order to improve efficiency and reduce work-related injuries.

Brad Jordan

After suffering a shoulder injury a few years ago I had the pleasure to meet and work with Andwele for physical therapy. Andwele is an extremely personable and effective. Despite the fact I was in some pretty serious discomfort I came to look forward to our sessions, as much for the compelling conversation as the work on my injury. I would definitely hire Andwele again and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

David Landsman

I’m a former semi – professional cyclist. So when I broke my leg playing flag football, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to return to an active lifestyle. Therefore, selecting a physical therapist who knew about sports rehab and performance enhancement was important to me. After months of grueling rehab, Andwele made sure that I was able to lift weights, run, and jump again. He was genuinely invested in helping me meet my goals. Based on how he treated me and others in the clinic, it was apparent that Andwele is passionate and knowledgeable about physical therapy. My leg and I are forever grateful.

Kenneth Burgess

After hip reconstruction surgery, I was struggling with a number of setbacks and problems during my rehabilitation. A friend highly recommended I meet with Lisa because she had achieved great results working with her. Even though Lisa was located about 3000 miles away from me, I decided to fly across the country in hopes that Lisa could help me. I am so glad I made the trip to see Lisa! Lisa did a thorough evaluation and was able to identify the issues that were hindering my progress. She gave me a detailed protocol to follow that was based on my specific needs. Within two weeks of following Lisa’s rehab protocol, I saw significant progress and felt major improvements in my strength and endurance. Meeting with Lisa was so beneficial that I flew across the country two more times for a follow-up appointment and an evaluation after reconstruction surgery on my other hip. I have seen several physical therapists in my local area, but none of them can match Lisa’s knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. I highly recommend Lisa as a physical therapist. Thanks to her, both of my hips are doing great and I am back to living an active lifestyle.

MMSpokane, WA

Lisa Jain is an incredibly capable and effective physical therapist. I was suffering from a shoulder injury and she was the key to my recovery. Lisa is hands-on therapist, making the most of every minute of every session. She was spot-on in pinpointing the root causes of my injury, as well as knowing the perfect game plan for my rehabilitation process. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa’s physical therapy services without hesitation.

Steve FrancoWashington, DC

There is no better physical therapist out there than Lisa Jain. I had suffered from terrible migraines for most of my life. My migraines were getting so debilitating I was regularly having to take off work for them. In 2009 my doctor gave me a prescription for physical therapy. Lisa was incredible from the very beginning. Her bedside manner is amazing. She understands pain, having been through physical therapy herself. Lisa is very empathetic, which is so helpful. She promised me she wouldn’t give up on me and would figure out some way to make me better. And she REALLY DID make me better. Lisa figured out that I was having chronic tension headaches that would lead to my migraines. Through the combination of exercises and treatments she did for me in the office, combined with her ingenious use of physio tape, my incidence of migraines went from 3 a week to less than 1 every 6 weeks. For the first time in years my shoulders and neck felt like shoulders and a neck, instead of a hard, knotted, painful mess. I moved to Boston in 2010, but the amazing effects of Lisa’s treatment have continued until today. I am forever thankful for Lisa giving me my life back. Without question, if you are looking for someone who will put everything they have into your physical therapy; Lisa is the person you should go to.

Vail Fucci, Ph.D.Boston, MA