Treatment Philosophy

handsKinetic Physical Therapy provides an extraordinary service to individuals who desire a personalized level of care. The therapists provide one-on-one services, in which they strive to diagnosis the cause of your symptoms. The therapists carefully evaluate your musculoskeletal system and consider your daily movement patterns to make a movement based diagnosis. They will then develop a treatment model to help you to achieve your goals. Your treatment will consist of extensive education regarding your condition, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and/or neuromuscular re-education. The therapists’ goal is to provide you with the tools to independently manage your symptoms.
Other attributes of Kinetic Physical Therapy that make it a boutique service include the following:

    • Communication with your therapist outside of your scheduled appointment times.
    • Undivided and personalized attention, which will help to you attain optimal physical function.
    • Complete wellness model, as your therapist will facilitate communication between others involved in your recovery, including personal trainers, Pilates instructors, physicians, or massage therapists.